Staying on Molokai or Lanai and want to attend a Luau?

Traveling to Molokai or Lanai and want to attend a Luau?  Molokai does not currently offer a Luau.  Lanai does not offer Luaus on a regular basis, however Luaus can be arranged at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay upon request. Call the Hotel Conference Services to make arrangements at 800-321-4666.

Above said, the Islands of Hawaii are close and flights/ferries are inexpensive.  If you do want to attend a Luau, we suggest taking a day to see one of the other Islands.  By spending a night on another Island, you will get to enjoy the beautiful Islands of Molokai or Lanai, while also getting a day to explore one of the other Islands.  If you plan to book a ferry note that they do not travel at night.  Therefore, if you do a day trip you will need to spend the night on one of the other Islands.  We would recommend Maui, they have numerous Luaus.  Our second favorite is Kauai.


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